Yucatan Local Travel

In a place with so many transportation opportunities it can be hard to decide how to get around. I mean you can rent a car, a moped, or a taxi, taxi bus, bus, bicycle rickshaw, moped rickshaw and the list goes on and on and on… But in my opinion here are some of the best ways to travel.

Local Travel  IMG_20160313_140348775 (1).jpg

For going from place to place around town we usually just walk, as do most local people, but if you want to get around faster you can take a rikshaw. The prices vary depending on the driver and so do the sizes. My family took one from the bus stop to a mayan ruin about three miles away for 100 pesos (6USD) for six people. You have to be careful though because some drivers will try to overcharge tourists. Make sure you ask the price before you get in.

Further distances from town to town cannot be traveled in a rickshaw. If you really want to IMG_20160217_122206699.jpglive like the locals do, the local 2nd class bus is a good way to go. They are very far from first class but if you don’t mind some graffiti and a bumpy ride they are a great way to get around.  Local buses are usually called “semi-directo” or “ordinario” which means provide the flexibility of getting on and off wherever you would like which is great for seeing the area. A 1st class bus is usually called “directo” which means that they don’t make any stops. First classes busses are more expensive (usually 20+ pesos depending on how far you are traveling) but they usually have either a  bathroom, TV entertainment, or on bus wifi. Another local option is the taxi van, these are the most common way in mexico for locals to get around. They usually seat 12-15 people depending on the size of the van, and are generally nice and have air conditioning. They can be a little tricky to get on if you don’t know the route it takes.

Where and How Much?

2nd Class bus ticket fare very inexpensive just around 7 pesos and taxi vans are the same. Buses follow a specific route to get from place to place so if you are along it you should find one, otherwise they can be found at the local bus stop. Taxi vans are generally the same, however sometimes you have to go to the cities taxi collective if you are looking to go to a specific place.


Helpful Tips

You need to know how to flag down the bus: All you have to do is point two fingers out in front of you into the street while the bus is coming your way. Make sure that the driver can see you and they will stop. To tell the driver to stop you just get out of your seat and stand at the fount of the bus.