A day in Puerto Morelos

The beaches of Puerto Morelos.

Soft, white sand hugs my feet as I walk towards the ocean in Puerto Morelos. The surf is so calm, a sparkling blue hue as far as the eye can see. Children on spring break are laughing and splashing in the clear shallow water as adults relax and watch from beach chairs on the sand. The cool, clear water water laps around my feet as I walk further from the dry sand. The water is amazing. It is cold and refreshing and well worth the sunny, three kilometer walk from the bus stop. Occasionally, quick boats pass by carrying happy tourists, excited to snorkel and dive, out to the nearby reef. There are shallow places to snorkel near the shore too, providing a  beautiful home to colorful coral and fish and turtles.

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The peaceful little port town is just a thirty minute bus ride from the crazy and crowded Cancun beaches. Not many tourists come to the area as large hotels are limited. However, good food is abundant. Beachside restaurants offer drinks and snacks, or for a cheaper alternative vendors walk down the beach carrying boxes on their heads of delicious fresh fruits, coconuts, and sweet trProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preseteats.

For dinner after a day at the  beach there are endless Mexican and seafood restaurants on the town. Booths of interesting souvenirs are scattered about the lively park in the center of town. Energetic kids slide and swing
on a nearby playground.

At the end of the day a natural color show of blues, and yellows, and pinks light up the sky. A bittersweet goodbye to a beautiful day in an even more beautiful place.

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