Italy: The Best Gelato of my Life

italy and houses near the coast

Italy is one of those places that everyone always talks about, but you never really realize how cool it is until you are there. My initial reaction was and is: WOW. The history, the food, the people, the language, the GELATO. I can hardly contain all my excitement.

Our first week in Italy was in a quiet suburbia near Castleforte, and an hour from Rome. Rome was, yes, breathtaking. What was even more breathtaking was the kindness we received from our host family, Luleciano and Ewa and their two kids Greta and Giulio.

People are amazing, honestly. A year and a half into this crazy world travel life and I still find myself smiling profusely at the generosity and friendship we receive from absolute strangers.

After knowing my family for no more than two days Luleciano took us to visit some of the most beautiful places in the region.

We climbed on the rocks overlooking the sea and felt the soft Italian ocean breeze across our faces. During the warm summer time, they come here to hike and dive of the rocks for oysters.


Later we visited a city called Scauri for the best gelato ever.

I’m not kidding. The shop, Lavezzi Gelato, has been around since the late 1800’s which means plenty of time to perfect their recipe. The current owner is a childhood acquaintance of Luleciano. When you walk in there are these giant golden tubs of gelato in all the flavors imaginable, and… wait for it… a chocolate fountain. I’m curently reflecting back on my beautiful chocolate lined cone filled with salted carmel, and yeah I don’t think it gets much better. I’m sad to say Italy has probably ruined ice cream for me, which isn’t the worst thing to complain about.

Thankful for amazing host families, my family, gelato, and of course Italy😄

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The day before we left our Italian family they held an annual BBQ for Italian independence day with all their friends, and invited us too. The day was spent sipping and eating homemade wine and cheese while listening to sound of Italian. I learned how to make artichokes with Ewa and to properly say “mamma mia!”.

Travelers are pretty seasoned to goodbyes, but I gotta say this one wasn’t easy.

Hi friends, family, and anyone else reading! We are currently in Elena, Bulgaria after a crazy busy few months of not-so-slow travel and I am just getting around to writing about it all :). Another post or two on Italy are in the works, and then on to Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Thanks for reading! xx – Izzy

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