Thailand: Visiting a Buddist temple

Thailand Adventures – Bangkok

 Today we visited a beautiful Buddhist temple near the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Since it was out of the tourist zone, the temple was very quiet. Upon entry we were happily greeted by smiling faces and iced tea drinks. The kindness and smiling is something I love about the culture in Thailand. Most people who we pass on the street look up and smile at us, which is very different from the custom in America to mind your own business. Thailand is known as the “land of smiles”.

Right as I entered the temple, a kind old woman motioned for me to come over. She invited me to walk inside and to explore the temple at will – which I took advantage of. Unique decorations, huge golden Buddhas, and monks where a common sight. I listened to a monk, dressed in flowery orange fabric, lead a chant along with many other people, surrounded by colorful flowers and decorations.

Taking part of the temple experience felt very spiritual, and very different from the western church experience.

The woman who I mentioned earlier was very eager to talk to my family as she knew a little English. She asked us where we were from and told us she was 83 years old. After, she wished us happiness forever. Her blessing was so kind and genuine, my favorite memory from Bangkok.


8 thoughts on “Thailand: Visiting a Buddist temple

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  2. Yes I am! Facebook that is I haven’t used my Twitter for a long time… Umm my username is izzyantle so you can friend me 🙂

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  3. It’s my first time in Thailand and love it! The people are so so nice! Glad to hear you enjoyed my post, thank you 🙂

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  4. Bangkok is so much fun, as well all the people are very friendly, good to hear your favourite memory, it’s also a very spiritual place, I had my memory refreshed while reding your blog thanks for that. Can’t wait to go back to Thailand for a trip.😃


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