7 Best Things About The Yucatan So Far

After about two months of living here with my family I have compiled a bit of a list of some of the best parts of living in the Yucatan Peninsula.

7) Internet Parks!! Just about every park or monument has free internet which is awesome and very handy. (Parks are also awesome for people watching)

2016-01-19 06.49.04 1.jpg

Mercado Lucas De Galvez in Merida

6) Markets: I can’t say enough how much I love markets,they are cheap, colorful and a great way to practice Spanish with the locals.

5) Mexican Food: Tacos, ceviche, tortas, sopa de lima, hamburguesas, marquesitas it’s all amazing.

4) Limes: Limes get their own slot on this list because the limes here are the best in probably the entire world.

IMG_20160120_112704868_HDR (1)  DSC_1544

3) The people: The people we have met here are so friendly, welcoming, kind, and hardworking. On my families’ first morning in Merida we were looking for food for breakfast and we came across this woman who was selling omelets, hotcakes, and hamburgers inside her home to make a living. She welcomed our large family to sit in her living room where she preceded to serve us all delicious food which ended up costing a total of 100 pesos, around 5 dollars (top). (below) This woman is our next door neighbor who my sister and I talked to in Spanish, and I asked if I could take her photo.


Relaxing in a hammock at the Pickled Onion BB in Santa Elena (awesome place btw).

2)Hammocks: Hammocks are the best and here everyone sleeps in them and homes are actually built with integrated hammock hooks which rocks. They are great in the hot weather as the air circulates through them.


(Taken at Tres Cenotes of Cuzama)

1) Cenotes: Cenotes (or sinkholes) can be found all over the place in the Yucatan. They are fresh water pool and sometimes caves which early Mayans would use to get fresh water. The water is amazing, cool and clear, and oftentimes filled with fish and plants (and sometimes waterfalls). Sounds great right?

Thanks for reading 🙂 -Izzy


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