Life as I knew it

Up until a couple weeks ago I would be considered your average teenager. Stressed about school and the upcoming finals week, hanging out with my friends on the daily, and constantly coming up with creative new ways to procrastinate on doing my homework . You know the drill. Then my family has the wild idea to backpack around the world. This was quite a dramatic life change as after living in Colorado for almost eight years I had just began to think I had found my place. I had great friends, I was doing well in school, and I actually could see my life following a very similar path to most people in today’s world. High school, college, work, retirement, and then eventually my inevitable death. Realization that my passion for traveling and photography would never be used in the usual nine to five workplace came later. So I agreed. My life is now a constant adventure, far from the societal norm. Do I have any idea where I will be five years from know? No, but that’s part of the fun.